Friday, 15 June 2018

Matariki Kites

In a beautiful valley of the seven sisters, each year the sisters made kites to celebrate the harvest.

THe first sister made a kite out of flaxs hare kite was green and the sixte girl mad a white kite out of toetoe bush and then the fifth sisters made hre kite and it was blue the colour of the river. The fourth sisters made har kite from the manuka tree and it was pink. And the three sisters made hare kite red and. it was made out of puriri tree and the second sisters made hare orange kite from the raupo and the last one was the baby Was not old. But then she was old a naf to gon the fano so all of they made the some esh year so the second year the little sister got to gon in
But one niti they went up on a maten and all of then pot then on a tree and all of then went to sleep and the baby woke up and she looked at the tree and she didn't see the kites and she cried and cried and it wacid up the other kids and the all look everywhere but they didn't look in the sky but little mateke look in the sky and sh sand look look and lay look in the sky and they said those stars are for you.

The end

The Zoo Trip

On Thursday we got to go for avenger at the zoo but before we got there we had to have a big lunch and morning tyre so on that day we were in a line to get to the holy so we were out of the classroom and went to the holle and sat in a line and we waited for the bus to came and after too mins the bus came and we got up in a line and word to the bus but there was to busi and when the first bus was there it was fool orr rody fool so we went to the other bus and how was looking after as was my Aunty Inez she was

My friends mom she was looking after as well we were get on the bus and we had putners my putner was jade and we had to sit together and on the may I Fall asleep there i was leaning on jade and my Aunty Inez she took a porsche with hre fon but when we got there i had no i dere were we weer but then i asked where we were because i was asleep but jade told me that I was At the zoo so we got out of the bus and we all had to stay together so that we didn’t get lost and is that good yes it is oK so the all of as had an adult person so we didn’t get lost. We went with the group so we had a meeting at the roundabout. After that we saw a kiwi and a cockatoo.Then we saw the cheetah run around his area. The penguins were swimming and cleaning themselves. We saw a seal underneath the water.

The elephants were eating leaves from the trees and then a raiwind the conere and there was a small elephant but it is fake so me and my friend Maddy went on the elephant. Went over to the lines and there was 2 lines and they were a wack

And then we had a group photo and we went back to the wind about and had morning tea me and my group fa wind same shad a it was o sim so we got out aw morning tea and I amend my on rock and I pot my gr done on the rock and I sat down and and at my food and after morning tea was finished and then we went and sure Sam moor Anselmo and then we were going up back to the start and then we went to the bag enter it was so fun and we got in Sid and we got to run a rand and to be Frey and we all got to run around buy aw sad and at the end we all have to go back to aw teem and we went to the bus back to school and on the way there i fall asleep

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

In the holidays

In the holidays I want to go to Australia because it looks really fun and cool. I am Australian it is in my blood. I want to see the kangaroos. I also want to see the Koala because I have nevr have seen one before.


You got a hat

Thursday, 12 April 2018

mufti and Wheels day

On Friday we had a mufti and wheels day.  At lunchtime all of the children and some
teachers got there bikes out after eating and rode them.  We had wheels day to raise
money for the year 8 camp and because its fun. On friday it was wheels day and mufti at Pt England school and all of the school brung there bikes to school and they wore mufte and we were one at lunchtime we were allowed to get it out when the play time balle go we but it has to be eating time and then after that we get to play and that is when we get to play on ow bikes out and when the play time balle went for us we gotta get ow bikes out and I ran in side and got to pot my helmit on and i jampt with it simt and ride to the bike trak and then I got there and I had a lot of trns  and i sow my friend had now bike so I share my bike with her  and she had some terms and she had some terns and I had sam turns is well.