Thursday, 27 July 2017

The Sun

the sun is the largest star in the solar system the rignt distance. That our planet  is not to hot and hot cold. the tight from  the sun take 8 minute to file reach the sun astronauts  well have be able to land on the  sun because it is far to hot.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

My School Holiday

On the school holidays I went for a holiday and we stayed in a cabin at Papamoa. We stayed for 3 days and climbed Mount  Maunganui. We had an adventure and when we went down  the  hill my legs were hurting. Then we got an ice cream and then I felt better and then we went back to the place. At the place we stayed at there was a golf course and trampoline.       


Wednesday, 21 June 2017

my Bunnies

won morning  people woke up and a couple times latu
There was thes 2 Branes that wrr from a mjcl first and when the big  Branes  cam  to the peoples plays thy wr ayling Branes  the wait  Branes wozinte  nis and the other Branes love to eting   people bat then the  people ran a    way  and the  Branes ret evrythingc  and the   Branes wrr stepingepcing   on cars . and then won ov psine  he saib we shodin ran a way we shod mac as secere and thay mad them to be sceree.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017


One dark night there  was   a Taniwha he lived under the Sea.There was also a little  boy  Was called Tamarereti. He lived With his family. On one morning he woke up and Tamarereti was Hagrey. He woke Up and got his waka And went fishing.  He caught big  Fish and
Little fish but then the wind  Dropped  down  and he fell Asleep. The Wind picked up and The  waka went to  shore and Tamarereti  woke up and  he was Hungry and he got 1 fish and ate It. Then he saw some shining  Pebbles and he picked as much As he could.  He went with his Waka  and he threw the pebbles in The sky   and it lit up the  sky and He found his home and he was Happy.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Nutnut's baby bunnies

On the 19th of May my bunny had 4 babies . It was a miracle when i saw that.

Friday, 12 May 2017

My kite

                                          this week my class made a kite

Friday, 5 May 2017


At  night the sky was  black   and no one could see where to go.

The taniwha lives  under the water and coming at night.

In the morning tamarereti awoc and he look at the sun he was hungry he went  of in he waka.

He went to go fishing he catching 3 big fishing and then the wind dropped diawin then he went to asleep.

Bat the wind picked up and he went to chor and then he wake up.

He was hungry so he got won big fish but he saw some pebble he got a idea .

His idea was to gather up the pebbles in the waka.

He froo the pebbles they  let the sky.

And all of the pebble went up to the sky  and all of the people can see the pebbles then that's the 7 stars.