Tuesday, 7 November 2017

writing and video

Dear Jessica,                                                    I love your letter thank you for sending it to me.  This term I have been learning about music and we have been learning to play the recorders. We were very  good.  what are you  learning? Yesterday Room 14  got to get a parachute out and we did lots of things  with it.the thing that we did were going under the parachute and the other one was a tent and we when under the ten it was warm and the next one

Was popcon we had to pot too  balls on the  parachute and the to balls when everywhere  we were and the lust the was maws and cat  it was cool how to see them play and the people were my friends

Friday, 27 October 2017

Writing Recorder Playing

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 6.53.02 AM.png
On Wednesday Room 14 got to do music with recorders. When we
played the recorder it sound like birds and mince and a elephant. When our teacher taught us how to make  music and then we got better and better.  

Then we jumped up and we start to play our C and our D with the   recorder. Then we sat down on the mat and we sat in a circle and then we went arend the srcl to play the C. I was really good and then I got what it meant and when people got better

And better it sounded like  birds and I love the song and after that we went to Te Reo Maori.  I felt excited.    


I have lend a lot of  thing for my  learning 
How many equal pieces?
How many lollies in each piece?
What fraction is one piece?
How many lollies in 2 pieces?
What fraction is two pieces?

Friday, 20 October 2017


I have learning from Diwali I  learning what we do 
and when it is on   October and I  learning  the  Diwali story   
is ram and sita and ravan .

Thursday, 19 October 2017

1On Monday the school had an assembly. we got ready  and we put our hand behind our back and then we marched down the holloway. We walked down the  holloway silently.

When I got to  the hall there was a  lot of music. When we sat down there was a musical show. When the show was going to start and I felt excite. When it   
started everyone  started to clap and it was cool. I love it.
First mr J and his friends sang  the song  called Musical madness. When I  saw the  song  it was cool  and it was awesome too. When the  sang Mr J told to us trip to Scotland.

Next it was team 5’s activity they were watching the lion king  and they changed the music. The sang it was scary and cool. I loved the assembly because it was awesome.


Friday, 13 October 2017

My holiday

In the  holidays I baked with my brother.
We made chocolate chip cookies.
I planted sunflower seeds.

My friend Julianna and I went to inflatable world, it was really fun!

Me and my brother found some friends to play with.
With them we got to see their dog.

At Kelly Tarltons we got to colour in fish and we
got to scan it so it could be animated.

When I went to hot water beach we got
to dig a spa pool. In some spa pools
there were hot pools and cold pools.

I have had a good time.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Duffy Book

On Thursday Room 14 got book. I  got 2 book and the book got is the Big block of chocolate and the other book is cold my little sister Doris. This book is cool and I love it and when it startled I was  thrilled to have the book and when I saw the book and I chosen the  book that I wanted.